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Since starting Pace IT Systems in 2007 we’ve built a highly-respected business with a clear focus on improving existing IT systems technology infrastructure, practice, application and operational efficiency.

Our client base includes a diverse range of cross-sector of established and emerging brands, all demanding the maximum from their IT investment. We appreciate that our continued success relies on the high levels of business and technical experience held by our IT business experts, and we seek the same from all new hires.

Andrew Brown

Managing Director and co-owner. Andy founded Pace IT Systems in 2007 and provides support to all Pace IT and Pace Commerce clients. Andy has over 20 years' IT systems and software experience which includes harnessing multi-vendor platforms and Progress Software based client software. His management support ensures the successful design and implementation of our clients’ IT systems across a range of industry sectors from Automotive to Utilities. Andy is also a certified Prince II project management practitioner.

David Ritchie

Commercial Director and co-owner. David oversees the business development and marketing functions for Pace IT and Pace Commerce. David's experience includes launching, and ultimately divesting, a successful online resourcing business, as well as strategic roles in the banking and software sectors. His business development and commercial experience has helped drive revenue growth across our brands. David is also a certified Prince II project management practitioner.

James Leckenby

Development Manager - Bespoke Software. James oversees our systems development team and drives delivery of bespoke systems modernisation and transformation projects to clients like: Allsop, Powerleague, Reeds Rains and Your Move. James has over 10 years' business analytics, software and systems integration experience. His passion and drive enables Pace to deliver rapid development using modern technologies delivering future-proof and expandable software solutions.

Chris Kirkham

Development Manager - Progress Software. Chris oversees all Progress/OpenEdge client projects. He has over 20 years' experience designing and developing innovative software platforms across a wide range of business sectors. Chris’s track record includes managing and leading end-user development teams enabling him to bring a unique user perspective to Pace IT’s diverse projects.

Rob Sherwin

Head of Marketing. Rob delivers commercially-aligned programmes driving thought leadership and demand for our services. He has worked with global B2B brands like Cisco and Nortel, enterprise and start-ups including Cloud9 Analytics, and customer experience experts Datapoint and Ember Services. Rob's interests include computer conservation and history and he is a member of the British Computer Society and the Computer Conservation Society.

Nicola Brown

Head of Finance and Operations. Nicola has a natural talent for numbers having worked in the banking sector for 10 years. After leaving banking Nicola moved industries, going on to manage her own successful e-Commerce business which she sold in 2007 to launch Pace IT Systems Ltd. Nicola's business, banking and organisational skills ensure that Pace always keeps pace!