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Your business relies on sensitive information for its success: information which needs to be permanently protected and securely stored. That’s where we come in: whatever your business sector or size, you can put your trust in data encryption solutions from Pace IT.

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What is data encryption?

Sometimes, hackers try to access data from corporate databases. Data encryption encodes this data, so that even if your database is compromised, it’s impossible for outsiders to read or make sense of what’s contained within it.

Data encryption works by using an algorithm to create a cipher, which renders the contents of your database illegible. The only way to access the data is with an encryption key.

Data at rest and data in motion

You might have heard of two kinds of data encryption: data-at-rest encryption and data-in-motion encryption. Data at rest refers to the information that is just sitting there in your database, while data in motion describes the data that is moving between different locations, using a wired or wireless connection. It’s vital that both of these types of data are securely protected.

Why is data encryption so important?

If data is not secured properly, there could be grave repercussions for your business. Since the introduction of GDPR and the new, updated Data Protection Act in 2018, the laws surrounding data protection and penalties for data breaches are higher than ever before. In short, your business needs to secure its data to ensure legal compliance, as well as protecting its information assets.

Famously, data breaches involving companies as big as Yahoo! and British Airways have resulted in legal action and millions of pounds worth of fines. In addition to these considerable costs, a data breach caused by a failure to secure your database will inevitably lead to a loss of confidence and trust in your brand.

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Encryption challenges and solutions

The task of data encryption comes with its own challenges, but the experts at Pace IT are well placed to overcome them. We’ve worked with companies of all sizes to provide data encryption solutions, and our experience in this area makes us well equipped to assist you with whatever challenges you are facing as a business. We’ll work with you to develop encryption solutions that allow you to:

Pace IT: Database security from the encrypted data experts

Your data security is important to us. That’s why our data encryption solutions are designed to provide you with peace of mind, in the knowledge that your data is safe, secure and legally compliant.

At Pace IT, we take a robust approach to data encryption. To find out more, just contact us to discuss your data encryption needs.

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