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Database Security - Protecting Your Corporate Life Blood

Your business handles, and relies on, sensitive information for its success. Whether this relates to email address, customer financial, or other personal identification information, this needs to be stored somewhere securely and must be permanently protected.

And, your business must comply with multiple regulations, so your applications and database security need to be treated as key elements of your IT strategy for safeguarding your business critical commercial data.

ms sql database security
Some common relational database management systems include embedded encryption technology, including: Oracle, Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server, Access and Ingres. Although most database systems have embedded technology, others can be extended to accomplish the necessary data encryption.

Trust us to encrypt and secure your valuable business information - whether situated on a Progress OpenEdge based platform, Microsoft .NET - or other.

A robust approach to data encryption:

  • Application-level data encryption: this is the strongest method, is flexible and is embedded in the software
  • On-disk data encryption: this can be a slightly weaker method as hardware can be removed
  • Database level encryption (binary dump files)

encrypted data encryption

progress openedge data encryption
Progress OpenEdge version 11 now has integrated table and field-level data encryption. Utilising standard encryption libraries and encryption key management, Progress Software Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) provides protection by supporting several encryption ciphers (including: AES, DES, DES-3 and RC4).

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