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The digital economy is constantly changing. In order to ensure that your IT infrastructure supports planned business growth and customer needs you must continually modernise your systems and applications. And, to maintain a competitive advantage, you need to continuously remodel your UI and UX to meet, and exceed, customer expectations.

For businesses unable or unwilling to adapt, standing still means falling behind. We can equip you to meet the challenges of the innovation economy, retaining your competitive advantage. Systems Modernisation is not about reinventing the wheel each time - it involves optimising your systems enabling your data, code, applications and devices to work smarter for you.

If in doubt, the question to ask yourself is, not so much whether you should modernise your systems, but whether you can afford not to.

Chris Kirkham, Development Manager - Progress Software. Pace IT Systems

Read about how we harnessed multiple software development platforms - including NativeScript, React Native and Progress OpenEdge - in this innovative IT modernisation project in the NET Magazine article here.

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Innovative Software Development

Innovative Software Development

Read about how we helped this leading property business by developing a systems modernisation project, supporting its customer-facing conveyancing system, that generated exceptional automaton and impressive ROI.

Progress OpenEdge Systems Modernisation

Progress OpenEdge Systems Modernisation

We use Progress software's robust and field-tested framework enabling us to create a personalised Systems Modernisation roadmap that aligns with your business challenges and goals.

What Our Client's Have Said


"We needed a cutting edge, bespoke showroom system, and Pace IT Systems delivered a great end product."

Jonathan Allbones - Sales Director, The Car People

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Systems Modernisation Benefits

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Your Personalised Systems Modernisation Roadmap

The key to successful Systems Modernisation begins with a thorough understanding of your legacy systems and how they can be leveraged to meet present and future business goals.

Our robust three-step process in designing your Systems Modernisation

  • Identification of any existing code able to be reused. This reduces development time and risk, and ensures the new processes align with existing business processes. We’ll also evaluate your database for scalability to ensure that the existing system won’t be affected as new functionality is added.
  • Project scoping, identifying business goals and ROI.
  • Layer on the new technology, taking the business to the next level.

Software Development Agency - Innovation For Business Success

All businesses trust their IT investment to help achieve their goals. We empower organisations by embracing technical innovation that improves business functionality and efficiency. Once a reactive service - something to merely facilitate communication, IT now represents a formidable and proactive part of businesses transformation leading to brand growth and profitability.

IT systems modernisation Benefits:

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Improved Performance

IT innovation enables faster operation, increased data storage and better copes with higher and unplanned input loads. Increased loading permits an exponential leap in productivity by via enablement of increased transaction volumes.

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Increased Sales

Modernised IT systems can improve your sales processes, enabling repeatable activities, measurable outcomes and meaningful sales performance analysis.

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Improved Customer Service

Adding real-time customer support and feedback functionality increases your all-important customer satisfaction and customer experience, reducing problem resolution time.

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Security & Data Compliance

Protect business critical data, reducing corporate risk and exposure to cybercrime and ensuring regulatory compliance to the new General Data Protection Regulation (GPDR) and the UK Data Protection Act.

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Workplace Collaboration

Improve team collaboration - whether home or office-based, at client sites or in remote locations - and integration between applications. Users can access systems 24/7, from anywhere, and on any device.

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Marketing & Business Development

Securing new business via sales and marketing effort is a part of every growth strategy. Apply innovative applications, social media integration and automated marketing techniques to develop new markets meeting customers on their terms.

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Customer & Workforce Mobility

Over 65% of all sessions are now initiated via mobile devices, changing business and customer behaviour forever. Integrating your applications creates powerful business tools able to exploit new business opportunities and engage with new market sectors.

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Developing New Markets

Apply IT modernisation techniques to enter new markets and expand your reach. IT innovation creates a level playing field as customer behaviour forces established and emerging brands to respond to new technology and buying trends. Now, even start-ups can disrupt established markets competing with established brands.

IT solutions can improve every area of your business. Business processes can be rationalised and made more efficient, innovative new approaches to old problems established, and greater productivity realised.

Break Free From Legacy Systems With Integration Consulting

Your legacy applications pose the biggest roadblock to innovation. The expense of maintaining outdated IT infrastructure may account for over 70% of your IT budget. When competing with your IT modernised peers, unencumbered by legacy applications, it pays to shift your focus from maintenance to transformation mode.

7-Month Progress IT Modernisation ROI

See how we harnessed the power of Progress OpenEdge to develop 'Your Portal', an innovative online service for Your Move landlords. Your Portal provides 24/7 secure access to property information including documentation, maintenance issues, property and tenancy details and more.
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Robust IT Strategy Benefits

Investing in IT infrastructure is proven to improve productivity, and ultimately drives a larger market share for your business. However, we don’t stop there. The business systems we build for our established and emerging cross-sector clients are designed, not only to advance their market position, but also to enable innovation and growth.

Systems Modernisation versus Doing Nothing
icon warningDo Nothing
  • Regular Software Fixes
  • Ongoing Repairs
  • Upgrades Required
  • "Just making do"


Costly support, time consuming. Short-lived effort resulting in downtime & customer disruption, reduced market share and unachieved business goals.

icon successModernise IT
  • 'Fit for Purpose'
  • Maintain Scalable, Rubust Architecture
  • Fast, Effective Maintenance
  • Controllable Updates


More agile Systems. Changes can be made faster and for less cost. Business is better placed to achieve commercial goals.

A strategic IT Systems Modernisation approach helps to:
  • Expand your services
  • Deliver improved customer service
  • Move into new markets
  • Boost staff productivity

Overhauling UI & UX For Business Growth

There are many strategic and cost benefits in investing in next-generation software applications, including faster new product development. These are more cost-effective than the attempting to maintain your legacy system.

Your customers hold all the cards so embrace IT Systems Modernisation by evaluating how best to leverage your existing applications to create a new, unified system addressing all current and planned business processes. We'll radically update and overhaul your UI and UX improving customer satisfaction, user experience and reliability.

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The Benefits Of Improving UI & UX

Improving User Experience is a key aspect of IT Systems Modernisation and is one of the main drivers behind increased sales. IT systems with great User Experience (UX) and User Interfaces (UI) are easy to engage with, enabling customers and users to quickly accomplish tasks and experience high levels of satisfaction.

Applying well considered UI and UX reduces costs by lowering the redevelopment time needed to correct poor UX. It also has a positive impact, with intuitive UX requiring up to 50% less training than with a poorly designed system.

User Interface & User Experience Principles

UI and UX design services underpin two key systems design principles:

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User Interface

User Interface (UI) is how a system appears and how accessible it is to your customers and users. It encompasses page design and layout, imagery, the use of colour and readability styles, navigation and user input friendliness.

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User Experience

User Experience (UX) describes application usage from the user viewpoint. It includes considerations like how many steps are taken to reach an objective, the ease of extracting data, how the application operates, and its delay times.

What Our Client's Have Said


"Pace IT have delivered several transformational systems to my business teams. Their first rate commercial understanding, business analysis and technical delivery ensures that I’ll continue to engage Pace IT on future projects."

Andy Jones - Managing Director, Allsop Letting and Management

The Value of Good UI & UX

To understand the impact UI and UX has on your applications, put yourself in the place of a customer or user and consider the following:

  • How does your system look and is it attractive, uncluttered and easy to understand?
  • How responsive is your UI to users accessing via mobile devices?
  • How easy are your applications to navigate?
  • Are your applications accessible via touchscreens?
  • Can your users quickly find what they need?

"Taken as a whole, UI and UX determine how functional a system is and what sort of impression it will leave on users - and ultimately, on your brand."

Rob Sherwin, Head of Marketing. Pace IT Systems

UI & UX Design Services Powered by Experience

We design fast, intuitive and innovative UX and UI efficient systems, honed by experience of delivering results for our established and emerging clients. Improving your UX and UI results in powerful, cost-effective systems that you can improve your business processes.

Our experienced in-house design team, with a combined 300 years' IT experience - with Progress OpenEdge and other platforms - work with established and emerging businesses including many of the UK’s leading brands. We have successfully delivered projects for clients including Powerleague, SSE plc, UK Mail Group plc and Your Move.

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