IT System Integration

Adding Business Value Through System Integration

IT systems integration

Do your IT systems talk to each other? If not, your business could be losing out to the competition. Add value to your business processes and make your operations more efficient, with IT system integration services from Pace IT.

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What is system integration?

Well-designed software can help you to manage all areas of your business, from accounting to stock control, customer service and more. But in many business environments, different IT systems have been installed at different times, for different purposes. The result is a mishmash of disparate systems that can’t communicate with each other. And while these systems offer value in terms of speeding up and automating processes, they can also needlessly duplicate your workload when information on one system is required by another.

System integration (SI) ensures that all your software elements communicate seamlessly together, providing greater control of your applications and streamlining your business operations.

Achieve your business goals

The business case for IT systems integration is undeniable. In order to meet stakeholder demands and stay ahead of the competition, today’s businesses need to operate efficiently in the digital sphere – and connecting IT systems together is fundamental to digital transformation.

With a well-planned IT system integration, you can achieve:

  • Improved workflow
  • Increased productivity
  • Better customer service
  • Reduced internal administration
  • Insightful data analytics for informed, strategic business decisions
it systems integration

IT systems integration services from Pace IT

At Pace IT, we apply our Business First, holistic approach from the start - learning about your business from every angle. This helps us to support your business goals by integrating your IT systems so that they are best placed to provide the functionality you need.

Our experienced developers are used to dealing with integration issues and complexities, so no matter how great your system integration challenges are, we can provide a way forward.

Here are some of the system integration services we can offer:

Case study: LSL Property Services

We helped property company LSL Property Services to integrate Progress OpenEdge with external services, creating big cost savings for the business. Processes such as invoicing, which were previously done manually, can now be automated, while clients can access conveyancing data that was not available before the systems were connected.

Inspired by their success? We can support you through the whole IT system integration process, from project scope to implementation. Our expert software developers will ensure your applications work seamlessly, using system integration best practices to create greater efficiencies and support your business goals.

progress openedge integration

Get your systems talking together

Get connected and transform your business operations with IT system integration from Pace IT. Contact us to find out how.
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