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BRMS: Placing a higher value on business decisions

Pace IT invests in Progress Corticon Business Rules Management System

In a business world focused on increasing agility and reducing operational costs, business decisions have become just as valuable as your data, your products and your people. Every day companies have to make thousands of recurring decisions:

Do we approve or decline this claim?

  • For which of our programmes - if any - is this customer eligible?
  • How much of a processing fee are we going to charge for this current transaction?

Of course – organisations are making these decisions already today – to assume otherwise would be nonsensical – but many still do so in manual, people-centric modes of operation or by hard coding decision logic into their core systems.

Both approaches work – but people are expensive and inconsistent whilst hard coding decision logic is difficult to change and fundamentally not agile. Your business is better served when you’re your people are focused towards knowledge-based activities and your programmers code for operational efficiencies, not decision making. Business Analysts are in the best position to know what decisions should be made and when – which is where a Business Rules Management System comes in. A BRMS gives the control associated with complex decision making processes to the business, letting business analysts determine the rules that dictate how applications and processes behave.

Any enterprise managing tens of thousands of decisions each day can benefit from BRMS, particularly those in highly regulated industries with complex business rules. Faster time to market and the agility to quickly react to market change are benefits that apply to almost any organisation.

At Pace IT, we’ve recognised the value a BRMS can deliver to many of our clients, and have recently invested in building our in-house capability around a leading solution in this area, Progress Corticon.

With Corticon, organisations can make better faster decisions leveraging its patented “no coding” rules engine, which is already used by many of the world’s largest financial services, insurance, healthcare, ecommerce companies and government organisations to automate their most sophisticated decision processes, reducing development and change cycles by 90%.

With a reputation as the best standalone BRMS on the market, Corticon:

Empowers business analysts to implement and modify rules, reducing their dependence on IT.

  • Enables better, faster decisions by automating business rules
  • Improves agility
  • Accelerates time to market and time to value
  • Mitigates risk
  • Optimises operations
  • Ensures performance and scalability
progress corticon brmsInterested in exploring BRMS and how Corticon can help streamline your rules management? Call us today on: 01727 789555 or contact us here.  We'll show you how.

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