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Software Developer Programme
Here at Pace IT, we pride ourselves on having honed and developed one of the UK’s most skilled software developer teams able to harness multiple software platforms and languages when developing innovative solutions for our established and emerging FTSE level clients. Whilst we realise that our reputation relies on the technical knowledge and experience of our team we also know that software experts need to start somewhere.

The aim of the Pace IT Graduate Software Developer Programme (SDP) is to provide a springboard for the development of personal, commercial software skills for the next generation of graduates.

Graduate SDP seeks enthusiastic, ambitious graduates with a drive to elevate their coding skills. They'll join an innovative and passionate team with room for personal and commercial business development. The programme offers graduates a unique opportunity to apply cutting-edge tools and technologies and to interpret client business requirements resulting in the delivery of reliable and robust solutions able to meet and exceed our client’s expectations.

Pace IT team

Your Pace IT Buddy!

And, because we realise joining a fast-paced team with constant project deadlines, client demands and technical challenges, can be a daunting prospect for a graduate without direct business experience, we assign one of our existing team as your buddy and mentor. They’re there to guide and advise you ensuring a smooth transition into the team, learning what’s needed - on both a technical and business level - without burning out in the first quarter!

But, joining the Pace IT team isn’t all work-and-no-play! Enjoy a relaxed office environment, beat your manager at a game of lunchtime pool or chill out on the sofa with a quick game of FIFA.

What you'll do as a Pace IT Graduate Web Developer:

  • Develop new bespoke systems using leading edge development technologies
  • Maintain & enhance existing clients systems
  • Work on projects solo or in a team
  • Liaise with clients to understand their business software and application needs

What we need:

  • You'll be a graduate with an IT degree
  • A basic understanding of database structures
  • Basic HTML & CSS knowledge
  • Evidence of previously designed & built websites or systems

How You'll Benefit

  • Learn about:
    - Building advanced systems using React, Nativescript, CSS and Bootstrap
    - Database design/SQL
    - Object orientated coding
    - MVC frameworks like Laravel web application
    - JavaScript development
    - GIT/Version control
    - Docker and containerised deployment
    - Server management
  • Competitive Salary
  • Multiple development career paths through Pace IT (most of our developers have been with us for over three years)
  • eCommerce business skills
  • Design, UI & UX
  • Customer service skills
  • Testing and QA

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