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Software Process Improvement allowing your business to thrive

We asked Chris Kirkham, Pace IT's Progress Software Development Manager to comment on the benefits Systems Modernisation offers against just leaving your business IT and legacy systems as-is. Chris says, "We always begin our engagements by asking our clients the above question".

Strategic thinking in IT Systems Transformation

In the face of tightened budgets and pressure on resources, it can be tempting to make do with your existing IT infrastructure, and put off the costs of IT systems transformation and modernisation. The problem is that there are hidden costs to doing nothing in terms of lost opportunities and increased costs when you eventually update your existing and legacy systems.

Over time, business IT systems become increasingly costly and time-consuming to manage - and limitations become more apparent. Moreover, when businesses do finally tackle IT systems transformation and modernisation, or legacy systems updating or replacement - as they surely must - they usually find themselves starting from a lower position, with more ground to make up, than by addressing IT systems transformation earlier.

Systems Modernisation versus Doing Nothing
icon-warningDo Nothing
  • Regular Software Fixes
  • Ongoing Repairs
  • Upgrades Required
  • "Just making do"


Costly support, time consuming. Short-lived effort resulting in downtime & customer disruption, reduced market share and unachieved business goals.

icon successModernise IT
  • 'Fit for Purpose'
  • Maintain Scalable, Rubust Architecture
  • Fast, Effective Maintenance
  • Controllable Updates


More agile Systems. Changes can be made faster and for less cost. Business is better placed to achieve commercial goals.

Understanding the digital economy

The digital economy isn’t simply something we interact with. The digital world also interacts with us - whether we like it or not. Trends in mobile communication, cloud-based systems and connectivity transform the experiences of consumers across industries. This is reflected in the increasing demands clients make on their suppliers. Clients have the option to respond piecemeal to changes, or to establish an IT infrastructure that's responsive, scaleable and allows them to grow and develop for many years into the future.

Ignoring IT systems transformation means falling behind the competition

Whatever investment decisions businesses like yours make about IT systems development, transformation and modernisation, you can be sure that at least one of your competitors will currently be actively involved, or seriously considering, overhauling their existing or legacy systems. By allowing them to set the pace in your industry, you relegate yourself to a game of catch-up, always trying to second guess the actions of your competitors, and trying to reverse engineer their solutions to common problems.

Falling behind your competitors gives them the competitive advantage and makes your business comparatively less competitive by way of inefficiency. The result is likely to be reduced market share, damaged brand reputation, lost profits and even business failure. Faced with collapsing profits and tightened budgets, some businesses realise they've left it too late to bridge the technology gap between themselves and their competitors, as by the time this happens, the investment required to make up lost ground is far greater.

Maintain & improve on your market position

systems developmentContact us today to discuss how we approach IT systems transformation via systems transformation and modernisation providing businesses with the flexibility to maintain market share, proactively engage with new emerging software technologies, and enabling their operations for ever changing customer expectations. Call us on: 01727 537627 contact us here. We'll show you how.

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