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Acting after GDPR becomes law could cost your business more than you may think!

Privacy by Design and Privacy by Default

What is GDPR?
GDPR is a major piece of legislation affecting every company doing business in the EU or with Europeans. It concerns Data Privacy, not just Data Security and it is a regulation, not a directive, providing increased rights for individuals. If you manually - or via your applications - capture, store, manage or distribute personal data, like consumer, patient, citizen, or customer contact information, GDPR will affect your business. And, it provides regulatory authorities with more powers to act directly against both ‘data controllers’ and ‘data processors’.

When does GDPR come into force?
25th May 2018

What about Brexit?
Brexit has no effect – you still need to abide by the GDPR regulation

What if I ignore GDPR?
Expect large fines levied against your business based on percentage of annual global turnover

How can I ensure my Progess OpenEdge databases and applications are GDPR compliant?
Contact us today for an initial assessment – and rest assured, we’ve over 350 years combined software experience!

When should I start my planning?
Today! Leaving it too late may mean your data controller or data processor will be unable to act in time – and will be held liable!

GDPR checklist:

1. Download The Information Commissioner’s Office 12 step guide here:

2. Start assessing your data management, database structures and operation, and privacy notices and terms to ensure GDPR alignment

3. Contact Pace IT for a chat about ensuring that your (Progress OpeneEdge or other), IT systems and business processes remain robust and are able to comply with the GDPR regulation.

The transitional period is shortening. There are only 12 months to go before the EUGDPR regulation comes into full effect, so there's still time to prepare. EUGDPR is a game changing legislation for businesses, and should prompt an early overview of your data security practices.

after-sales-supportSpeak with one of our experts about improving your information data security and readying your business for EUGDPR today. Call us on 01727 537627, or contact us here. We'll show you how.

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