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What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation is the process of upgrading and integrating business technology to improve operating procedures and services. In a digital age, more and more businesses are putting digital transformation at the top of their agenda, and investing in technology that either replaces or upgrades their existing legacy systems.

If you’re considering a digital transformation project for your business, take a look at some of the best examples of businesses that have successfully transformed their businesses by upgrading their digital technology.

Historic examples of digital transformation

Digital transformation is not a new concept. Since the surge in technological advances in the mid-1990s, companies have invested billions in adapting technology to improve their services, stay connected and stay ahead of their competitors. The key focus and motivation of digital technology has always been customer service and making that all-important connection with customers at its core, which is clear when charting the development of digital transformation over the years:

  • Early on, digital websites connected companies and customers
  • Digital processes were developed to support customer engagement
  • Businesses have developed digital networks to connect customers, stakeholders and suppliers

digital transformation examples

Recent digital transformation examples

Digital transformation successes stem from investing in technology that will help businesses make the best use of their information and enable the connection of all their digital processes in a customised way unique to their operating systems. Recent success stories include:

  • German industrial group Thyssenkrupp developed a new digital platform, ‘toii’ to connect all the machines in their division. The new platform revolutionised internal processes, and it even has the capacity to predict the necessity of machines in the future.
  • Leading carmaker Nissan’s move to a new ‘digital workplace’ used Microsoft Office 365 software to streamline and connect their business units, and they launched a new ‘digital hub’ in India to transform their business through digital technology.

Achieving digital transformation using legacy technology

It’s not always necessary to throw out outdated, or legacy systems and start from scratch in order to achieve digital transformation. In fact many businesses save time and money by upgrading and adapting their legacy systems to fit with their new and improved processes.

Pace IT’s digital transformation projects

At Pace IT we have worked with businesses on their digital transformation journey, often upgrading their legacy technology to achieve system upgrades and integration. Most recently we worked with Property Services company Your Move, using their existing Progress OpenEdge legacy code to improve their User Interface and maximise the user experience using the latest digital technology.

When leading football organisation Powerleague came to us looking to overhaul their existing online bookings and league management system, our developers reused their existing legacy APIs and developed a fully integrated website in React JavaScript and mobile app in NativeScript. The result: a vastly improved customer experience and flexible booking options that have led to the company tripling their online revenues.

football company Powerleague

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