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Integrating Apple Pay to an existing mobile application

Integrating Apple Pay to an existing mobile application

Apple pay allows consumers to make simple, secure payments online. Without having to create an account each time a transaction is required, customers can simply use biometric authentication such as face ID and fingerprint recognition to make a payment. Accessible from the web and on mobile applications, Apple Pay has over 383 million users worldwide and has fast become a preferred method of payment.

At Pace IT our team can expertly integrate Apple Pay to your existing website or mobile application, providing your customers with an up-to-date, simple way to pay.

What are the business benefits?

We spoke to Mark, one of our expert developers, to get his thoughts on integrating Apple Pay –

Integrating Apple Pay to your mobile application is a great way to move with the times, and be accessible to a much wider audience. Providing the Apple Pay option gives your customers a quick, seamless check-out experience, without having to enter all of their personal details. I have integrated this method of payment for a number of our existing clients and would definitely recommend having Apple Pay as a secure payment option for your customers.

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