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Pace IT – Progress OpenEdge 12 Latest Release

Progress OpenEdge 12 is the latest, highest performing version of the Progress OpenEdge application development platform. With new features designed to meet businesses’ growing requirements for security, scalability and efficiency, this latest release promises:

  • Increased security
  • 3 x faster performance, helping to improve scalability and responsiveness
  • Increased productivity and performance, helping to lower the overall cost and reduce production time

What’s new for Progress OpenEdge 12?

The newest version of OpenEdge offers a number of enhancements and improvements from the previous 11.7 version, including:

  • Enhancements designed to improve performance and boost productivity
  • Enhanced functionality to move further toward OpenEdge’s goal of 99.999% uptime
  • Replication AI Streaming to protect against data loss due to security breaches and disasters
  • Additional security improvements to strengthen applications from attack
  • Designed to meet the needs of evolving applications
  • Application architectures can move towards cloud-ready structures
  • Enabling the classic ABL code case to be exposed as mini-services that can enhance the application’s ability to extend information and capabilities across devices and data sources
  • The multi-threaded server enables the resolution of most queries on the server (server-side JOINs), boosts performance
  • The addition of Buffer Hash table latch performance improvements improves database performance by as much as 200% over the previous 11.7 version
  • Enhancements to SQL integration include the ability to autonomously update statistics and cancel long-running queries

Progress OpenEdge 12

What Progress OpenEdge 12 enables developers to do

The development of OpenEdge 12 allows for real and significant improvements to the apps of the thousands of businesses currently using OpenEdge for their development and modernisation. For developers the newest version will allow for improved scalability, continuous operation and automatic repair fixes. Combined with a 200% boost in performance, it’s easy to see why developers are welcoming this new and improved version, and the efficiency it brings.

The core premise of OpenEdge that most excited developers when it was launched – i.e. that they no longer need to start writing code from scratch for every new application – has been enhanced by Progress in their bid to ensure their development tool stays functional, ahead of the curve, and capable of meeting businesses’ ever-changing requirements.

The improvements were made to meet specific needs identified by developers, including:

Progress guarantee upgrading to OpenEdge 12 will significantly improve performance for its clients, an improvement that is achieved automatically through upgrading, without the need to rewrite code.

How Pace IT can help

At Pace IT our developers are experienced in Progress OpenEdge development, and can advise you on how Progress OpenEdge systems can help you modernise your systems, how to integrate it into your existing systems, and how to tailor it to suit your needs. Contact us for more information and to discuss your business requirements.

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