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Secure data management

Data management involves the collection and processing of information, and when it involves personal data, companies are obliged to keep that information secure. But just how do businesses collect our data, and what should they be doing to protect it? Let’s take an in-depth look at the elements of secure data management.

What is data collection and how does it work?

Simply put, data collection is the gathering of information. Businesses collect data to help improve their product or services, to understand their target market, and ultimately, to make more money. By gathering data about consumers – from personal information about individuals like age, gender and income to statistical data about how and when products are used – companies are able to hone their marketing to appeal to their chosen audience. Companies also collect and store sensitive but necessary information like bank details and home addresses, which is typically acquired when a transaction takes place.

These days, data collection is a sophisticated process. It can of course be done by asking customers directly for the information, but it’s also increasingly achieved by tracking customer activity – for example by noting which pages are visited on a company website, or taking note of an individual’s location when they use an app on their smartphone. When individual activity is collected together en masse, the company can gain valuable insights about which products are popular, the demographics they need to target, what works and what doesn’t.

secure data management

How companies process data

Data processing involves using the information gathered during data collection and manipulating it to get useful insights. It typically involves extracting the relevant bits of information, entering them into a database and arranging the data so that it can be accessed and used in future. Individual sales figures, for example, might be collected and visually represented in a graph.

Keeping data secure

If a company maintains a database of sensitive information, that information must be kept secure to avoid data breaches. There can be severe legal and financial penalties for failing to protect data, so the stakes are high. Companies should use a combination of different tactics to secure their data:

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