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Windows Server 2008 has served as a cornerstone of most businesses’ infrastructure and as of January 14th 2020 the extended support period has come to an end. This means that any server or machine running Windows Server 2008 will no longer receive security patches, leaving infrastructure vulnerable to a range of possible attacks. This can also open up vulnerabilities of any applications of solutions that maybe hosted on Windows Server 2008.

One option to mitigate the risks running your systems on the Windows Server 2008 platform would be to move your systems onto a cloud platform. Here are some of the benefits it would bring:


By using cloud services you can scale your solution to meet peak demand while making operational savings during off-peak.


Utilise the cloud fully by using PaaS offerings, this way you don’t have to maintain hardware and can ensure that all parts of the solution are maintained and tuned for reliability.


One of the main benefits of using cloud services is that essential security updates are rolled out automatically, this ensures that your solution is secure and compliant.

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