McBurney Transport Group Case Study

Pace IT delivers a new transportation and logistics mobile app


McBurney Transport Group, one of Ireland's largest independently-run logistics operations, employs a highly focused customer strategy. The market has changed over the years, with advances in technology and the development of sophisticated mobile apps. Customers now expected proof of delivery (POD) within 24 hours, so in order for the company to stay competitive and manage internal operations more efficiently, a new logistics app was needed.

Pace IT were briefed to develop a mobile app for McBurney Transport, to enable their drivers to interact in real time with the main office from their remote locations. The app needed to:

  • deliver enhanced customer experience
  • provide regulatory compliance data capture, and
  • reduce back office manual tasks
McBurney Transport Group new logistics app


Transportation and logistics mobile apps need to handle both fleet management and the delivery of goods. Our solution has enabled the company to provide instant PODs, carry out vehicle checks, track vehicles and drivers in real time and improve efficiency in other areas, too.

POD (Proof of delivery)
McBurney Transport trucks
McBurney pre trip check sheet
    Pre-trip check sheet
Tracking of vehicles and drivers

McBurney tracking of vehicles and drivers

Transportation of goods
McBurney Transport Group transportation of goods
Other functionality
  • Uniform Requests allows driver to order available uniform and clothing items.
  • Diary Requests allows the drivers to request and view their booked holidays, and to notify of sick days.
  • Accident Report allows the drivers to compile a detailed report in case of an accident.
  • Alerts inform the drivers of any special conditions like weather warnings or global alerts.
  • A Daily Work Schedule helps the drivers perform their collections and deliveries by providing them with relevant real-time information, recording their time and position and allowing for the reporting of issues and the photographing of paperwork.
  • Expenses allows the drivers to make expense claims/requests directly from their mobile device.


  • Increased cash flow

    Now that the POD can be captured instantly, the customer can be invoiced without delay.

  • Better customer service

    Real-time tracking means that the company can give customers the information they need, when they need it.

  • Improved working processes

    App functionality such as the Daily Work Schedule and driver tracking have helped McBurney Transport Group to develop efficient and streamlined ways of working.

the mcburney app login screen
mcburney transport logo

About McBurney Transport Group

McBurney Transport Group, founded in 1965, is one of Ireland’s largest independently-owned logistics companies. A family-owned and managed business, the company delivers logistics services to clients in the UK and Ireland including major supermarkets and high street retailers.

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