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Opportunity - eCommerce

Five-a-side football company, Powerleague, underwent a major rebrand, and as part of this process it needed to give its slow and outdated online system for booking pitches and events a complete overhaul. Alongside a rebrand by Music Agency, Powerleague’s business development director, Andrew Hill, brought in Progress and Pace IT to modernise Powerleague’s legacy system for booking pitches and events.

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"With the core of customer base being millennials, it was important the booking process was streamlined and easy to use on mobile devices. The simplified process has greatly improved online revenues, with visitors hitting the booking process quicker and purchasing more online than ever before."

James Leckenby, Development Manager

Solution Headlines

  • Ensure that the booking system is easy to access, simple to use and attractive to those using it. Everything from the booking system to the club information needed to be connected and not detached from each other in silos.
  • Provide a more engaging journey from the initial interaction through to booking and direct the user to relevant information without being overwhelmed.
  • Deliver a well-designed, comprehensive mobile application that enable customers to book events, draft teams and track stats from their smartphones.
  • Provide the website with real-time access to fixtures, results and pitch availability.
  • Use newly developed APIs to help facilitate the purchase of other products and services, eg corporate events, increasing eCommerce revenue opportunities.

"Powerleague turned to UK-based Pace IT to oversee the modernisation project. While Pace IT explored a variety of options for building native apps, the company ultimately went with the NativeScript framework for the project. The implementation of NativeScript was relatively smooth and Pace IT got to work on the mobile app right away."

Dan Wilson - Senior Product Marketing Manager,

Results Headlines

  • A booking process now present the user with options, while keeping things simple and not overwhelming. A clear user experience was created with implemented helpful guidance.
  • We also took the opportunity to implement cross-selling of more products and services into the process. While the original system only allowed the booking of pitches, users can now book kids’ parties, football camps, bubble football and more.
  • The Pace IT development team have used NativeScript and OpenEdge, which was advantageous for the modernisation project. There were no issues with the project due to the flexibility, design and robustness of NativeScript and OpenEdge.
  • The team had existing OpenEdge APIs used for the website. NativeScript calls them directly so all the code is reused – it’s fast and efficient.
  • Because Pace IT could use NativeScript to simultaneously develop native apps for both Android and iOS devices, the development of the Powerleague app took only three weeks.
  • Since completing the project, Powerleague has seen online revenues triple. This growth can be directly attributed to the superior customer experience as well as the greater flexibility in terms of booking options.
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About Powerleague

Founded in 1987 in Paisley, Scotland, Powerleague (www. powerleague.co.uk) offers commercial 5-a-side football in the UK and Europe, and is the world’s largest provider of small-sided football, offering leagues, camps, parties, coaching and corporate events.

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Pace IT Systems, founded in 2007, deliver software applications and support services to established and emerging organisations across key technology platforms including; Microsoft.NET, JavaScript, Progress OpenEdge & Mobile Platforms NativeScript & ReactNative.

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