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To serve its wide range of customers, Your Move wanted to replace its existing GUI based rental management solution with a modernised and innovative web-based portal providing online access to live property listings and key system integrations to its external service providers. The solution needed to be user-friendly and integrate easily with external services tied to Your Move’s sales process, including legal, insurance and survey providers. It also had to deliver acceptable levels of availability, transparency and control to customers and users.

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“Leveraging OpenEdge to extend our custom systems and business applications through new device platforms—such as mobile—will help our customer organisations work smarter, while capitalising on the digital transformation trend.”

Tony McCann, Head of IT

Solution Headlines

  • Deliver acceptable levels of availability, transparency and control to customers and users. Maintaining operational control over customers throughout the rental process is crucial for compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Retain as much existing Progress OpenEdge legacy code as possible to avoid 'rip-and-replace', reducing risk.
  • Provide a much improved UI and help to maximise the user experience for both internal and external users by leveraging the latest digital technologies.
“The landlord and tenant portal runs on a separate server and database, and pulls information from the core system, as needed. Delivering this information in real-time to the user requires seamless integration, and with OpenEdge, we accomplished this.” Other integrations were also enabled.

Andy Brown, Managing Director

Results Headlines

  • Modernising the rental management system with OpenEdge has led to significant savings by automating manual tasks.
  • Everything is now centralised onto a single system, so branches don’t have to maintain separate systems for property rentals and sales. And, as the solution is centrally deployed, Your Move doesn’t have to worry about updating individual deployments on thousands of PCs throughout the organisation.
  • Thanks to OpenEdge, integrations between these systems and related service providers were easy, resulting in additional cost savings. Together, these improvements have enabled significant ROI in just seven months.
  • Support calls associated with deployments and upgrades have been virtually eliminated, freeing up the help desk to address more urgent support issues faster.
  • Multiple new management screens that eliminate the need for property managers to keep paper-based lists or spreadsheets.
  • The new portal provides now insight into various property information which streamlines management and makes life easier for both tenants and landlords.

About Your Move

Your Move is a subsidiary of LSL Property Services plc, a leading provider of residential property services to its key customer groups, incorporating both estate agency and surveying businesses. Services to consumers include residential sales, lettings, surveying, conveyancing and advice on mortgages and non-investment insurance products. Services to mortgage lenders include valuations and panel management services, asset management and property management services.

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