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Progress database health check, rebuild & tune-up service

When was the last time you checked the integrity & performance of your Progress OpenEdge databases?

The chances are you never have - so long as your systems continue to run there’s no need to check on such things – you’d perhaps think. Well, over time, millions of read/writes made to your OpenEdge database files in effect changes their structure, filling them up and often taking them out of their original specification.

Then there’s the IT hardware your business software runs on: this may now be running on outdated operating systems and old servers using electro-mechanical hard discs – a opposed to current, more efficient and robust, SSD storage.

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What to expect from ignored OpenEdge databases:
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How we bring your OpenEdge databases back to life:
  • Inspect & report - using our in-house developed, tried-and-tested, OpenEdge database health check process & tools
  • Retune & rebuild - restoring databases to their original specification for robustness and longevity
  • Maintain & support - if required, we can look after your OpenEdge databases ensuring they continue to deliver optimal performance well into the future

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What your customers & users can expect:
  • Significantly faster response times - reduced business disruption
  • System halts & screen freeze issues eradicated - improved user satisfaction & customer experience
  • Reduced load on your disc storage – improved robustness with optimised performance & lifespan
  • Significantly extend the operational life of your databases & business-critical applications

Converse Pharma Logo Application & report run-time delays eliminated!
Read about what our Progress OpenEdge Database Health Check & Tune-up project achieved for a leading pharmaceuticals distribution business.

database dump and loadAsk us how our expert DBA's will analyse and monitor your Progress OpenEdge database setup and performance, to assess workload and resource management. Then, referencing the database health check report, we'll apply a remedial tune-up action plan designed to optimise system performance.

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