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Considerations ensuring software compliance with database security and protection

We asked Pace IT's Managing Director, Andy Brown, what should be considered in order to ensure a business is compliant with data security and protection legislation and what to look to support a reduction in systems failure.

Assured Software Compliance & Database Security

Andy suggests the following are the key considerations:

  • Review you IT infrastructure and supply chain for current vulnerability. Look at the relationship between your business strategy, IT infrastructure and supply chain. Consider whether any of the following resonates in your business- Your employees take company supplied laptops home
    - You provide your staff with company smartphones
    - You store corporate data in the cloud
    - Some, or all, of your business functions are outsourced.
  • Before upgrading your data security understand the threats. Reviewing your current data security situation will highlight strengths and weaknesses.
  • Ensure buy-in. Transforming your company culture isn't easy. A successful strategy needs buy-in from the boardroom to operations. Make sure your staff are aware of the importance of data security and how this relates to their roles. Formulate a series of clear, practical policies that are easily adopted throughout your workforce.
How bespoke software supports compliance

In a fluid regulatory landscape, bespoke software offers an advantage over ‘off-the-shelf’ alternatives when it comes to maintaining software compliance. The issue is flexibility: With a pre-bought system, you may be unable to add new features and functions as your market requirements and business practices change. At the very least, these adaptations may be costly and a shoe-horn fit. Alternatively, a well-supported bespoke system enables making changes quickly and easy to implement across your IT systems as regulations change. Our continuous development services mean we’ll always be ready to tweak your systems and make fast changes whenever needed.

Don't fight fires - future-proof your business

A cost-effective way of future-proofing your business is to anticipate IT data security regulations rather than simply responding when new statutes are issued. Pace IT's systems are developed with security and flexibility in mind from the ground up.

Improved systems reliability for a tangible business advantage

High systems reliability enables you to avoid these issues, but it is more than just avoiding downtime and maintenance issues. Improved reliability also offers a tangible, competitive business advantage. In a 24/7 global marketplace your system must be continually connected and available. Businesses are under increasing pressure to ensure core functions are accessible by users anywhere, at any time, and from any device. For a successful outcome, your IT systems must be able to cope with large, fluid and ever increasing data volumes and achieve consistently high levels of uptime – and all this while reducing cost and overheads!

A resilient and reliable IT system will benefit your business in a number of ways:

  • Meet uptime SLAs
  • Retain and grow your customer base
  • Maximise profitability
  • Safeguard your brand and market position
  • Ensure secure transactions
  • Boost productivity
  • Reduce maintenance expense
Preventing system failure

Downtime is an ever-present nightmare for IT teams. Lost business productivity, increased maintenance costs, missed deadlines and delay can all rear their heads. And, long-term effects can be more punishing, including lost customers or increased churn, impaired competitiveness and ultimately reputational damage.

Maximising uptime and reducing system failure is essential for your IT systems to perform reliably, efficiently and profitably. Robustness and reliability must be built into the systems and applications your IT partner develops. This is so so they can cope with multiple users and high input loads while maintaining peak efficiency.

Robust support services

A proficient IT partner will also consider the following:
  • Application support: Managing all aspects of your application or database on a day-to-day basis, including business support.
  • Fast Response Critical Support: Fast response cover, in the event of a serious issue forcing your application or database offline, to get to the root of the problem and minimise downtime.
  • Second-line & Holiday Support: Covering staff absences, we offer outsourced overflow and holiday cover planning providing high-quality support across all your applications and databases.
  • Ongoing Support & Development: The people best placed to maintain and service a system are those who designed it. Our services don’t end when your system is installed.


Choose your IT systems partner carefully!

IT systems partnerContact us to discuss how we approach securing your valuable business IT investment from attack and is made legislation aligned. Ultimately, choose your IT partner carefully to avoid the many pitfalls that await in developing robust and flexible IT systems and platforms able to support your business growth. Call us on: 01727 537627 or contact us here. We'll show you how.

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