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IT outsourcing companies: support covering holiday leave, illness and unplanned events

James Development Manager We asked Pace IT’s Development Manager, Bespoke Software, James Leckenby to consider the benefits of using an outsourced IT partner for application software support covering staff availability.

Even applications designed to perform seemingly basic tasks need effort to maintain optimum performance. If your business is without dedicated IT resourcing then it’s probably time to think about finding an expert support partner.

It’s an obvious point that, to maintain optimum and continuous operation of your business IT systems, and to protect them against unplanned data loss and downtime, you need on-demand expertise. Whether you maintain this function in-house or outsource it depends on many things including your management team’s view of IT outsourcing. When deciding on the route you take consider the following.

Holiday leave, illness and unplanned event support

If you’ve just a single IT systems specialist, or limited in-house resources managing and supporting your business-critical applications then holidays, illness and unplanned events affecting your staff will present a constant headache. Should your systems fail - apart from the obvious response from users - your customers may well take their business elsewhere, and at best you’ll probably lose some. Such situations are ore business-critical than one might, at first, imagine

What to look for from IT outsourcing companies

Initially, seek out a partner that:

  1. Strives to fully understand your business and its operations before saying yes to supporting you.
  2. Demonstrates a comprehensive and detailed understanding of your applied technology – at both a systems and application level.
  3. Has a pool of available and experienced specialists on-hand in your time zone 24/7 (if required) to support your systems.
  4. Agrees to deliver continuous long or short-term contracted day-to-day support cover for an affordable monthly support fee.

Read more about the benefits UK-based support and about outsourcing your support.

Ultimately, seek out an outsourced IT support partner that provides you with absolute confidence in its ability to provide your business with the support it needs to achieve its business goals. Don't skimp on this, if you aren’t totally convinced then walk away and seek out another!

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