Approach and Engagement

Approach & Engagement

Robust IT Project Management

Business drivers and technology challenges differ from business to business - so no two projects are the same. Our aim is to quickly understand your business operations and goals. Then, we'll show you how technology infrastructure, practice and application improvements will benefit your IT investment.

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Our Approach

Off-the-shelf solutions may initially appear cost-effective but they can't match the business alignment a customised approach delivers. By choosing the bespoke option, our clients reap the financial and operational benefits of technology change.

Our approach delivers increased performance, enhanced security and application modernisation, so you’ve room to flex and grow. And, we apply sophisticated project management tools to ensure we remain on-time and on-budget.

A Robust Engagement Model

Although each project’s aims are different, we apply a similar approach and process to maintain consistency and efficiency. We’ve outlined the approach we take below, subject to client requirements and variables.

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01. Evaluate
  • About your business
  • Current status
  • Business needs & requirements
  • Identify issues
  • Workshops*
  • Internal processes (cross-department)
  • Client overview
  • Business needs/ROI improvement goals
  • Steering committee setup
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02. Identify Issues
  • Business efficiency
  • Time wastage (systems & staff)
  • Client communications UX/UI
  • Internal processes (cross-department)
  • Regulation, risks
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03. Present
  • Mock-ups/wireframes*
  • Proof of Concept*
  • Modernisation Jumpstart*
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04. Next Steps
  • Project scoping
  • Project, delivery program & cost present
  • Technical specification approval
  • Sign-off


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