IT Systems Modernisation

Creating a Unified, Modernised User Experience

Generate New Revenue Via Software Process Improvement

The digital economy is constantly changing. In order to ensure that your IT infrastructure supports planned business growth and customer needs you must continually modernise your systems and applications. And, to maintain a competitive advantage, you need to continuously remodel your UI and UX to meet, and exceed, customer expectations.

If in doubt, the question to ask yourself is, not so much whether you
should modernise your systems, but whether you can afford not to.

Chris Kirkham, Development Manager - Progress Software. Pace IT Systems

For businesses unable or unwilling to adapt, standing still means falling behind. We can equip you to meet the challenges of the innovation economy, retaining your competitive advantage. Systems Modernisation is not about reinventing the wheel each time - it involves optimising your systems enabling your data, code, applications and devices to work smarter for you.

Read about how we harnessed multiple software development platforms - including NativeScript, React Native and Progress OpenEdge - in this innovative IT modernisation project in the NET Magazine article here.


Innovative Software Development

Read about how we helped this leading property business by developing a systems modernisation project, supporting its customer-facing conveyancing system, that generated exceptional automaton and impressive ROI.


Progress OpenEdge Systems Modernisation

We use Progress software's robust and field-tested framework enabling us to create a personalised Systems Modernisation roadmap that aligns with your business challenges and goals.


"We needed a cutting edge, bespoke showroom system, and Pace IT Systems delivered a great end product."

Jonathan Allbones - Sales Director, The Car People

How we Helped

Systems Modernisation Benefits


Your Personalised Systems Modernisation Roadmap

The key to successful Systems Modernisation begins with a thorough understanding of your legacy systems and how they can be leveraged to meet present and future business goals.

Our robust three-step process in designing your Systems Modernisation

  • Identification of any existing code able to be reused. This reduces development time and risk, and ensures the new processes align with existing business processes. We’ll also evaluate your database for scalability to ensure that the existing system won’t be affected as new functionality is added.
  • Project scoping, identifying business goals and ROI.
  • Layer on the new technology, taking the business to the next level.

ROI Though Software Process Improvement

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