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IT Modernisation Or Replacement ?

Break Free From Legacy Systems With Integration Consulting

Your legacy applications pose the biggest roadblock to innovation. The expense of maintaining outdated IT infrastructure may account for over 70% of your IT budget. When competing with your IT modernised peers, unencumbered by legacy applications, it pays to shift your focus from maintenance to transformation mode.

7-Month Progress IT Modernisation ROI

See how we harnessed the power of Progress OpenEdge to develop 'Your Portal', an innovative online service for Your Move landlords. Your Portal provides 24/7 secure access to property information including documentation, maintenance issues, property and tenancy details and more.

Robust IT Strategy Benefits

Investing in IT infrastructure is proven to improve productivity, and ultimately drives a larger market share for your business. However, we don’t stop there. The business systems we build for our established and emerging cross-sector clients are designed, not only to advance their market position, but also to enable innovation and growth.

Systems Modernisation versus Doing Nothing
icon-warningDo Nothing
  • Regular Software Fixes
  • Ongoing Repairs
  • Upgrades Required
  • "Just making do"


Costly support, time consuming. Short-lived effort resulting in downtime & customer disruption, reduced market share and unachieved business goals.

icon-successModernise IT
  • 'Fit for Purpose'
  • Maintain Scalable, Rubust Architecture
  • Fast, Effective Maintenance
  • Controllable Updates


More agile Systems. Changes can be made faster and for less cost. Business is better placed to achieve commercial goals.

A strategic IT Systems Modernisation approach helps to:
  • Expand your services
  • Deliver improved customer service
  • Move into new markets
  • Boost staff productivity

Overhauling UI & UX For Business Growth

There are many strategic and cost benefits in investing in next-generation software applications, including faster new product development. These are more cost-effective than the attempting to maintain your legacy system.

Your customers hold all the cards so embrace IT Systems Modernisation by evaluating how best to leverage your existing applications to create a new, unified system addressing all current and planned business processes. We'll radically update and overhaul your UI and UX improving customer satisfaction, user experience and reliability.

IT Modernisation Or Replacement?

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