Improving UI & UX

Improved Customer & User Journeys Driving Increased Revenues

The Benfits Of Improving UI & UX

Improving User Experience is a key aspect of IT Systems Modernisation and is one of the main drivers behind increased sales. IT systems with great User Experience (UX) and User Interfaces (UI) are easy to engage with, enabling customers and users to quickly accomplish tasks and experience high levels of satisfaction.

Applying well considered UI and UX reduces costs by lowering the redevelopment time needed to correct poor UX. It also has a positive impact, with intuitive UX requiring up to 50% less training than with a poorly designed system.

User Interface & User Experience Principles

UI and UX design services underpin two key systems design principles:


User Interface

User Interface (UI) is how a system appears and how accessible it is to your customers and users. It encompasses page design and layout, imagery, the use of colour and readability styles, navigation and user input friendliness.


User Experience

User Experience (UE) describes application usage from the user viewpoint. It includes considerations like how many steps are taken to reach an objective, the ease of extracting data, how the application operates, and its delay times.


"Pace IT have delivered several transformational systems to my business teams. Their first rate commercial understanding, business analysis and technical delivery ensures that I’ll continue to engage Pace IT on future projects."

Andy Jones - Managing Director, Allsop Letting and Management

The Value of Good UI & UX

To understand the impact UI and UX has on your applications, put yourself in the place of a customer or user and consider the following:

  • How does your system look and is it attractive, uncluttered and easy to understand?
  • How responsive is your UI to users accessing via mobile devices?
  • How easy are your applications to navigate?
  • Are your applications accessible via touchscreens?
  • Can your users quickly find what they need?

"Taken as a whole, UI and UX determine how functional a system is and what sort of impression it will leave on users - and ultimately, on your brand."

Rob Sherwin, Head of Marketing. Pace IT Systems

UI & UX Design Services Powered by Experience

We design fast, intuitive and innovative UX and UI efficient systems, honed by experience of delivering results for our established and emerging clients. Improving your UX and UI results in powerful, cost-effective systems that you can improve your business processes.

Our experienced in-house design team, with a combined 300 years' IT experience - with Progress OpenEdge and other platforms - work with established and emerging businesses including many of the UK’s leading brands. We have successfully delivered projects for clients including Powerleague, SSE plc, UK Mail Group plc and Your Move.

Driving Revenue With Improved UI & UX

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