Managed SQL Server DBA

Managed SQL Server DBA
From 24/7 maintenance to On Demand consultancy

Trust the experts and avoid costly system errors

For complete peace of mind

At PACE IT, our internal team of experts are able to offer a range of outsourcing services for your SQL server requirements. Whether you need full end-to-end database management or advice on your disaster recovery strategy, we're able to help.

What we can offer;

  • 24/7 database monitoring and UK-based support
  • Proactive & preventative maintenance
  • Legacy systems migration support
  • Business continuity & disaster recovery strategies
  • Software upgrade support
  • Database tuning & health-check
  • Backup strategies

Why outsource?

DBA support in-house

Consistent support

Keeping DBA support in-house means accessing support when it's available, not when it's needed. Our dedicated team are able to offer support 24 hours a day, and can guarantee no disruption from absenteeism.

DBA requirements flex

Adapting to scale

DBA requirements flex and bend in line with business performance and growth. Outsourcing DBA means not having to rely on in-house resources to manage this transition. At PACE IT, our team work to scale our clients' service so they don't have to think about additional or reduced resource.

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