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UK-based Development & Support

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Our UK-based Progress software developers work with clients across a diverse range of cross-sector established and emerging brands to create flexible an innovative multi-purpose IT systems and applications.

Guidance and support from our specialist team - with a combined 350 years' plus Progress experience our UI/UX & design experts ensure that your OpenEdge projects deliver value and that your business-critical IT systems remain operational, robust and flexible.

Progress OpenEdge Professional Services

Taking advantage of our comprehensive Progress services portfolio means your business relies on unparalled levels of OpenEdge experience, all available in your time zone. And, by outsourcing your Progress Software support to us, you can rest assured that your systems, applications and databases will perform as designed, 24/7. Ultimately, our robust and reliable bespoke solutions are designed to provide your business with a competitive edge.

Why choose Pace IT for Progress OpenEdge Professional Services?

Supporting Your Progress OpenEdge Business Systems


Progress Development & Support

We provide applications development, outsourced support, systems integration, modernisation and consulting services for Progress software including OpenEdge. And, our 24/7, helpdesk-based, or onsite, cover improves business continuity while reducing business disruption.


Systems Modernisation

Improving existing, and realising new, revenue streams by modernising your systems and legacy applications. We review your IT and systems strategy, implementing improved customer UI and UX resulting in reduced operating costs and increased flexibility to protect your IT investment.


Business Systems Mobility

Making your business systems and applications mobile friendly, maintaining connectivity across its technology platforms is critical to its success. Our innovative and flexible solutions ensure your customers and users access any time and from desktop, mobile and tablet platforms.


Database Health Check & Tune-up

Slow application response can damage your business. Our OpenEdge experts design and tune these for optimal performance, flexibility and ROI. We'll also review your security and disaster recovery planning to ensure protection from unplanned events.

Optimise your Progress OpenEdge applications

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