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We are a trusted business software partner to cross-sector emerging and enterprise clients. We build new, and improve legacy, technology infrastructure improving operational efficiency via innovative, robust and flexible systems and processes.

We seek to gain an in-depth understanding of our clients' business operations, arming us with the intelligence and data to plan and develop the systems and processes best able to support operational processes and business efficiency for improved ROI and to facilitate new market entry.

We are expert in future-proofing technology via innovation that simplifies and streamlines business application integration and operation. This means you won’t be wrong-footed when your customers and users start to use new technology and buying techniques in the future.

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“We were looking for a bespoke Order Management System, and Pace IT were able to quickly assess our requirements and deliver a software solution that does exactly what we want, on time and on budget”

Derek Hartop - Sales Director, Cashca

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