UK IT Support Or Offshored Support?

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UK Based IT Support

Once you've made the decision to outsource your software development, you're faced with the choice of finding a partner with a UK based IT support team, or one based offshore. Experience gained from working with many of our cross-sector established and emerging clients suggests that partnering with a local developer, like Pace IT, offers greater control and accessibility, and increased value for money than when going offshore.

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Experience & quality v. low-cost & inexperienced?

A main reason businesses seek support from offshored teams in India or the Far East is the perceived lower charging rates. Often, an offshored quote may seem less than that offered by a UK-based provider, but can come with a lack of qualifications and business experience. Its usually pays to invest in experience and quality in the long- term.

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After sales support

With offshore companies its a challenge to guarantee the level of support received. With a higher staff turnover found in many developers, you could lose access to the technicians with experience of your project, with the result that problem resolution takes longer and is more difficult.

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Access when you need it!

No matter how competent your offshore partner, a UK-based partner offers a valuable business advantage. They're able to support you with, face-to-face meetings, on-site visits and face-to-face project and strategy meeting attendance. Would you rather work through your issues and solutions in person, than via phone or Skype sessions?

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Provable technical & business knowledge?

With a UK-based partner its easier to evaluate and verify their technology knowledge and industry experience. And, their Experts are always available and in your time zone.

What Our Client's Have Said

"The team at Pace IT are a pleasure to do business with. A high level of professionalism and technical expertise in their field has been evident throughout the engagement."
David Manning - Senior IT Solution Delivery Manager, SSE plc

Where's Best To Locate My UK based IT Support Team?

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