The Right Tools For The Job

Business First, First

At Pace IT we start by applying our ‘Business First, First’ approach. This ensures that we fully understand your business and how its IT systems and applications can be improved enabling improved customer and user experience - and ultimately, business growth. If a technology partner jumps straight in and starts with designing your new application, it’ll be hit-or-miss as to whether what’s delivered will effectively support your business needs.


A Choice Of Development Platforms & Tools

Our software experts have a combined 300 years’ IT systems design and development experience so they know which are the best tools to choose in their developer toolkit.

We are the only UK based Progress Software Elite Service Delivery Partner. And, with an average 13 years' OpenEdge experience each, you can rest assured that our team knows OpenEdge inside and out.

As some applications require a different approach, we also harness the power and flexibility of Microsoft.NET, JavaScript, NativeScript and PHP. And, we'll apply our innovative, in-house developed, HyperBolts web development framework to reduce delivery time and cost, keeping your business on-track.

Bespoke Software Development

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