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The JavaScript development approach of removing the server from the process of front-end rendering has made it one of the most popular web development platforms available. Its continually improving functions and widespread usage means it is continuing to grow in popularity, and is the most used language adopted by developers worldwide.

Why is JavaScript so popular?
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At Pace IT our expert in-house software development team have in-depth and extensive experience in JavaScript development. We have worked with a range of clients large and small, including our recent innovative cross platform mobile project with Bosch, the well-known household brand, on which we will be presenting at the Bosch Global Mobile App Symposium.

Our expert knowledge means we know about not just the benefits, but also the pitfalls of JavaScript development. With the exponential increase in JavaScript usage there are often many solutions to the same problem, and a vast array of tools to choose from.

We can best identify and advise on tools and solutions to ensure you get the best design and performance, and most robust system, without the need for expensive and complicated changes and rework on your projects.

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To find out more about using our expertise in JavaScript development to benefit your project, get in touch with our developers. We can help you create an impactful experience for your customers that will increase engagement, enhance your brand and substantially improve business performance.

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