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What is React JavaScript?

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Developed and maintained by Facebook, React JavaScript library is a set of pre-written scripts allowing for the quick and easy development of user interfaces (UIs).

JavaScript libraries contain JavaScripts – code used to develop dynamic user interfaces, while cutting down development time. There are hundreds of JS libraries developed to simplify common or complex tasks, and to allow for easier integration of JS with other web development technologies like CSS, PHP, Ruby and Java. User interfaces typically built using React JavaScript include:

  • Interactive UIs
  • Drag and drop interfaces
  • Customised components using CSS
  • Recharts – a charting library to help you build mobile-friendly charts quickly and easily

React Web Development

React is becoming increasingly popular as a web development tool because it allows developers to create large web applications which can change data without reloading the page. Its fast, scalable and simple functionality has changed the way web developers build applications, for example:

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React JS Developers

The role of a React JS developer is to create the interactive part of a website. This is achieved by creating customised components which can send and receive data from a backend sever. They will develop new user interface themes and visuals using React JS frameworks. In effect, a JS developer will link the front-end visual elements of an application with the backend server.

User Interfaces

The user interface (UI) is the means by which a user and a computer system or application interact. A product or application with a good UI will be clear and easy to use, responsive and efficient. The aim of the UI is to make the user feel comfortable and familiar with the product.

The UI framework is made up of software tools developers use to create responsive user interfaces for multi-device applications. Popular frameworks include:


semantic UI

foundation framework


User interface design is all about providing a positive journey for the user. UI design uses colour, imagery and visual techniques to enhance and improve the user’s visual experience. A strong UI design will result in an application that is visually attractive and easy for users to navigate and interact with. Ultimately it provides the positive user journey that will attract customers and recommendations and increase conversion rates, which is why businesses will invest heavily in the development of a good UI for their website.

The power of the React JS library

The React JS library is an incredibly powerful web development tool, and these are just some of the reasons why it’s gradually taking over front-end web development:

  • Allows web developers to design simple views
  • Allows the update of individual components when the data changes, rather than updating a whole page of data
  • The declarative views makes code easier to debug
  • React allows the development of new features without having to rewrite existing code
  • The component-based nature of the React JS library allows developers to build encapsulated components that are then composed to make their own complex UIs.

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At Pace IT our in-house developers have extensive experience in JavaScript development. We work with a wide range of clients using our expert knowledge to advise, design and implement your web development requirements.

React JavaScript Web Development

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