Microsoft SQL Server Management Services

SQL Server is a complex system with many factors contributing towards maintaining optimum performance. Our internal team of SQL Server experts are able to offer a range of outsourcing services for your SQL needs.

About Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server is a database platform originally created by Microsoft in 1989 for OS/2. Since then, Microsoft has pioneered their database platform offering more complex tools and integrations such a SSMS, Reporting Server and R. At the time Microsoft offered an end to end Microsoft experience in terms of development allowing developers to create projects primarily using Microsoft only technology. To this day the sophisticated tools that allow you to optimize and integrate your database platform with your Microsoft ecosystem are beyond most other database vendors.

Why Outsource the Management of your SQL Server DBA to Pace IT?

Peace of mind. Rest easy knowing that your database infrastructure and administration is handled by experts who have the more than the experience needed to fulfil your needs and handle any issue or incident in a quick timeframe.

Here at Pace, we have a wealth of knowledge around SQL Server and .NET, and this knowledge allows us to take your current database solutions to the next step, whether that may be re-platforming to a newer version or optimizing your database structure all the way down to your ETL Queries. Outsourcing server management solutions enable your company to bring in the experience needed without having to expand your team and most importantly without the overheads that are normally occurred.

In most cases putting in place effective SQL managed services can be a costly thing for a company to embark on, due to the high cost of staff, recruitment and equipment. Most companies can spend upwards of £100k before even having a fully effective team in place.

This is why companies outsource to Pace IT. We can offer a team of experienced database administrators, developers and support analysts to handle all your needs and a fraction of the price.

I already have a team in place so why do I need outsourcing?

Having a database system in place and working is half of the battle, the other half is optimization.

Pace IT can offer optimization services that will reduce costs on your current setup and increase performance, in some example we have been able to half the time a query takes to execute.

SQL Support

At PACE IT, our internal team of experts are able to offer a range of outsourcing services for your SQL server management requirements. Whether you need full end-to-end database management or advice on your disaster recovery strategy, we're able to help.

What we can offer;

sql server management

Consistent support

Keeping DBA support in-house means accessing support when it's available, not when it's needed. Our dedicated team are able to offer support 24 hours a day and can guarantee no disruption from absenteeism.

sql server performance

Adapting to scale

DBA requirements flex and bend in line with business performance and growth. Outsourcing DBA means not having to rely on in-house resources to manage this transition. At PACE IT, our teamwork to scale our clients' service so they don't have to think about additional or reduced resource.

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