React Native development

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React Native: Building Great User Experience, Quickly

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React Native, or ReactJS, is an efficient and flexible JavaScript library for building user interfaces and developing great websites. The framework’s greatest strengths is its ease of learning - even to the unfamiliar.

Many frameworks need you to grapple with multiple concepts that are only relevant within that framework – and ignore language fundamentals. React does the opposite! It’s learn once, write anywhere design allows the development of new features without rewriting existing code.

Read about how we harnessed multiple software development platforms - including React Native, NativeScript and Progress OpenEdge - in this innovative IT modernisation project in the NET Magazine article here.

NET Magazine article
It’s estimated that React enables 90% code reuse across iOS and Android mobile platforms, so development effort could be halved, and that's more than enough to make it a worthwhile development choice maximising our client’s IT ROI.

James Leckenby, Development Manager, Bespoke Systems. Pace IT.

Develop iOS & Android Mobile Apps In Record Time Reducing Client Spend!

Pace IT harnesses the power, speed and flexibility of React Native for a number of client projects. We've also extended the framework with our own packages, now used on some large-scale projects.

React Native development

React Native development

React Native development began in 2013 in response to a developer community seeking an alternative able to combine the advantages of mobile app development with the power and flexibility of the native React environment. The result: an innovative framework created by Facebook and used by Instagram, Netflix and many other global brands.

React Native for Attractive Mobile Apps - Fast

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