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Want to mobilise your business application? Pace IT is proud to be a Telerik NativeScript Preferred Global Development Partner. Whatever your mobile project, choose our NativeScript development services for innovative mobile apps delivered by our experienced team of NativeScript developers and UI/UX experts.

nativescript app development

What is NativeScript?

NativeScript is an open-source framework for building native mobile apps. Developed by Telerik, NativeScript makes it easy to develop mobile apps for the main smartphone operating systems (Apple iOS, Android and Windows), using familiar languages such as Angular, JavaScript, TypeScript and Vue.js.

Flexible, adaptable and user-friendly, NativeScript allows developers to code apps that are fully native, without needing to use the proprietary languages specific to each device.

NativeScript app development from Pace IT

Why choose Nativescript for your mobile app development? There are numerous benefits, including the flexibility and time-saving advantages of creating cross-platform applications using just JavaScript-related languages, CSS and XML.

At Pace IT, our developers use NativeScript to create native UIs and performance for iOS, Android and Windows platforms – all from a single code base. The application’s UI stack is built using native UI components, meaning no compromise with the application’s user experience. NativeScript APIs are translated into native platform APIs at runtime. We use modern JavaScript, TypeScript AngularJS or Angular2 and achieve the performance levels of Swift or Java.

NativeScript Preferred Global Development Partners

If you’re looking for NativeScript app development, it makes sense to choose an accredited provider. At Pace IT, we are NativeScript Preferred Global Development Partners, meaning that you can trust us to offer unrivalled expertise in the field.

To achieve our Preferred Partner status, our development team participated in a rigorous process, including training courses and skills assessments. And we’re not resting on our laurels: the developers at Pace IT are active members of the global NativeScript developer community, so you can be sure our knowledge and skills are fully up-to-date.

NativeScript Preferred Partners

Our NativeScript projects
We’ve already helped our clients to benefit from the time-saving advantages of NativeScript app development.

Leading European sports brand Powerleague harnessed the power of NativeScript software to significantly reduce its mobile app development time.

nativescript app development powerleague net

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Pace IT delivers a new transportation and logistics mobile app

nativescript app development powerleague case study

Read the PowerLeague case study

How we cut mobile development time in half with NativeScript

Mobilise your business with NativeScript software

Impressed by the results we have achieved with NativeScript? Contact us for expert NativeScript app development – for delivery on time and on budget.
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