Progress Disaster Recovery

Minimising business risk from IT failure

Reducing Disruption with OpenEdge Disaster Recovery

Effective IT Business Continuity planning is key to ensure always-on availability for your business-critical IT functions. Preparing for the unexpected means you stay in 'business as usual' mode and your staff and customers can go about their day-to-day business.

Remote Working

Remote working is a key consideration for robust Business Continuity planning. For example, following business disruption you may need to relocate your workforce so we’ll enable your IT systems to seamlessly connect with them whatever their location.

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An Affordable Progress Disaster Recovery Strategy Minimising Business Risk

Even with the best planning, disruption may occur. This is when you’ll need our Software Disaster Recovery services, applying tried and tested policies and procedures enabling the recovery of vital technology infrastructure and systems following a natural or human-induced disaster. These focus on systems supporting your business-critical functions and aim to protect against data loss and downtime.

Robust Progress Disaster Recovery Services

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Critical Support For Progress OpenEdge Business Applications

Our Progress software expert pool has a combined 350 years experience and our clients use them for 24/7 and critical OpenEdge application support. If your business has operations outside of standard 9am till 5pm working hours, we’ll provide it with Progress support and monitoring covering core business applications.

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Holiday Leave & Illness Support For Your Progress OpenEdge Software

If you’ve just a single Progress software resource inside your organisation managing your applications, then holidays and sickness are bound to be a constant support issue. Rest assured, we'll provide holiday support cover allowing your team to have a proper break.

Protecting Against IT Failure

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