Progress Tune Up & IT Health Check

Evaluating & improving OpenEdge database performance

Need Progress OpenEdge Database Optimisation?

If any of the following rings true then you'll need to bring your systems and applications back into good heath and operating as originally designed supporting your customers and users, and enabling planned business growth.

Are any of the following causing business disruption?

  • Sluggish or slow to responses
  • Screens pausing or freezing
  • Lengthy backups
  • Reduced disk space
  • Frequent errors
  • Slow report run times

Analyse & Monitor - Fix & Optimise

software tuning progress health check
Our expert Progress OpenEdge developers will analyse your underlying setup and database performance. Databases will be monitored over a working day to see how well they manage workload and resources. From observations, we’ll produce a software health check report with baseline performance data, along with a remedial tune-up action plan for improving systems performance.

We'll also review your Security and Disaster Recovery planning to ensure your business is not adversely affected should the worst happen!

Is your Progress OpenEdge database up to the job?

progress dba it health check

What our IT health check focuses on

  • Server configuration
  • Disk layout & utilisation
  • System & client memory utilisation
  • Database performance & log review
  • Backup & restore procedure review
  • Database indexing, fragmentation, corruption & load
  • Disaster recovery strategy
  • Resource intensive process evaluation
progress openedge dba software health check

Tune-up benefits

  • Faster screen data & web page loading
  • Quicker reporting
  • Faster batch processing
  • Application freezes & locks fixed
  • Data loss prevention for improved business assurance

OpenEdge Database and Software Health-Check & Progress Tune-up

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