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Need to update your existing MFG/PRO suite, or integrate it with other systems? Our engineers are experts in Progress OpenEdge software solutions. We can help you modernise your business software, offer MFG/PRO support and bring your IT systems up to date.

UK based MFGPRO experts

What is MFG/PRO?

MFG/PRO is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) suite, designed to help manufacturing companies streamline their operations. First released in 1984 by QAD Inc., MFG/PRO was a popular business solution built using a Progress relational database and written in the Progress 4GL language. The software suite provided an integrated way for manufacturing businesses worldwide to manage their financial, supply chain and customer data, all in one place. Manufacturing modules were created to ensure specific industry related functions could be managed including:

  • Distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Finance
  • Warehousing
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

MFG/PRO was supplanted by its two successors, QAD Enterprise Applications and QAD Cloud ERP. QAD versions in existence include (8.6, eb eb2 SE, EE).

Many companies still have MFG/PRO or a superseded version of QAD running on their systems today.

The APICS Principles

Why is MFG/PRO such an enduring success?

The answer lies in the philosophy behind its development. One of the first enterprise resource planning systems to be developed for use in the business world, it was designed to integrate a number of different functionalities into one unified system. Based on the APICS principles of operations management, it offered a user-friendly, streamlined way to meet multiple business needs in one place, handling industry-specific tasks including inventory management, sales and purchase orders.

APICS principles MFGPRO

Pace IT

Pace IT are experts in Progress OpenEdge and have delivered solutions and support to companies in the following industries; Automotive, Food, Manufacturing, Finance, Warehousing with an existing QAD MFG/PRO system including;

Whatever your requirements around QAD MFG/PRO Pace IT can help.

Modernise your QAD MFG/PRO system

However, software development never stays still – which means that if you’re still running an older software solution, you could be vulnerable to security issues. In addition, the older your IT system, the more likely you are to experience problems with slow performance, bugs, and inefficiencies.

modernise QAD MFGPRO system

To make your MFG/PRO system fit for purpose, development is needed. That requires an IT expert with Progress skills and modernisation expertise. If you have built your own system in the past and bought a product based on Progress OpenEdge, you may need a specialist to support you with upgrades and development going forward. Here are some of the ways that our Progress specialists can help you get the most from your MFG/PRO software:

  • Get extra expertise for a short-term project
  • Hire a Pace IT developer to work remotely as a database administrator
  • Train your staff in the skills they need to work with MFG/PRO
  • Fix issues and get your system back up and running fast
  • Get bespoke MFG/PRO support that’s tailored to your business needs

Integrate your software

If you are spending valuable hours re-keying MFG/PRO data into other IT systems, you are likely to be wasting your resources. For a more efficient and practical solution, turn to our Progress experts. We can integrate your MFG/PRO database with the rest of your software, offering a streamlined and unified way forward. Here are some examples of the ways in which we can integrate your MFG/PRO software with other systems:

QAD Support

Our UK based QAD experts can provide the necessary support your business needs to manage your existing system.

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