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Supporting your business critical IT investment

Progress Application Support For Assured 24/7 Business Continuity

Once your business software is up-and-running, it needs to stay that way. Our cost-effective, reliable and highly skilled Progress software developers are on hand to help you in any way, 24/7.

Even the most simple applications software, designed to perform seemingly basic functions, needs effort to keep it performing as intended. If your business doesn't have a dedicated IT department, or you've limited, or no, access to Progress, Microsoft.NET, JavaScript, NativeScript or PHP expertise, it’s probably time to think about calling on the experts.

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What Your Business Risks Without Software Support

  • Business continuity disruption
  • Outdated software compromising its effectiveness
  • Costly systems repairs
  • Reduced productivity
  • Reputational damage
"With Application Support from Pace IT, you’ll be assured that your software is always performing at its best."

Chris Kirkham, Development Manager - Progress Software. Pace IT Systems

How Application Support Helps

Our services offer cost-effective cover for aspects of Progres OpenEdge systems support, adding tangible business value. If a system fails, you stand to lose customers and revenue. We aim to keep things running smoothly, and we’ll seek to identify and resolve issues as quickly.

We’ll make recommendations, taking steps, to protect your systems from unplanned outage situations. And, we’ll develop a cost-effective software and systems disaster recovery strategy, mitigating against data loss and service.

Application Support

  • Helpdesk access, 24/7
  • Upgrades & patches
  • Security management
  • Data bottleneck reduction
  • Expert support & advice
  • Troubleshooting & root cause analysis
  • Fast fixes with exceptional repair rates
  • Disaster recovery strategy
  • System enhancements
  • Remote or onsite support
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Software Support & Monitoring For Core Progress Software Applications

Our established and emerging cross-sector clients rely on us for 24/7 Progress Software critical issue response cover. If your business operates outside of 9-to-5, rely on us to support and monitor your core business applications.

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Second-line Support Including Holiday Leave & Illness Cover

If you’ve just one Progress Software expert managing your applications, then holidays and illness will be a constant issue. Rest assured, our expert support staff will provide holiday support cover allowing your team to rest up.

We also provide short-term Progress software support cover including: Database, Applications and user support and database monitoring.

progress openedge application support

Applications Support For Assured Business Success

Let us take full control of your business-critical OpenEdge applications and database. Whether this be applications support and maintenance for bespoke systems, for existing, or for legacy, systems, we’ll first conduct a full systems and applications audit, in order to fully understand how these relate to your business goals.

What Our Client's Have Said


"We’ve worked with Pace IT for over 6 years, and they’ve helped us develop and deliver some key systems into our business. They bring a friendly and professional approach, and consistently bring new ideas to the table to help keep the systems moving forward."

Mick Roscoe – Software Development Manager, Your Move

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