Online Dump & Load

Optimise your Progress OpenEdge database – fast!

Keeping your openEdge databases robust & stable

Data, and how its accessed, is business-critical as poor performing systems can cause crippling delays. Pace IT’s innovative extension to Progress ProDBMirror, 'Online Dump & Load' enables effective OpenEdge database reorganisation aimed at increasing performance and reducing business disruption.

progress online dump and load

Why OpenEdge Online Dump and Load?

  • Your systems can run faster: Over time, older Progress OpenEdge databases slow down as records are stored across the database
  • Re-organised Progress OpenEdge Database: becomes smaller and more efficiently structured
  • Size limited removed: for older configurations
  • Take advantage of newer Progress OpenEdge database options: like Type #2 Storage Areas
  • Flexibility: move to a new operating system
Our clients need to avoid unplanned business disruption. ProDBMirror Dump & Load lets us setup OpenEdge database replication to capture changes then load a fresh database without taking the original system out of service. Then once we’ve synced the replication we can swap to the new database quickly.

Andrew Brown, Managing Director, Pace IT

openedge online dump and load

Optimised your Progress OpenEdge database yet?

  • Downtime & delay: dumping and loading data can take days depending on the file size & server your application runs on
  • Data fragmentation negatively affects performance: ignoring Dump & Load means you're left with an inefficient Progress OpenEdge database

Breath New Life Into Your Progress OpenEdge Database

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