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Progress replication

Looking for a Progress replication solution that’s fast, agile and reliable? Our in-house developed Progress replication solution, ProDBMirror, is an innovative and cost-effective way to deliver Progress software replication to target databases.

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What is data replication?

Data replication (sometimes called database replication) is the process of copying database objects from one location to another. This copying (or replication) allows the back-up data to be stored in a different place and made available when needed. Data replication can take place locally, using a different database on the same server or different servers in the same location, or remotely, in the cloud.

Data replication is important for disaster recovery, but it has other functions, too. It makes synchronisation possible, allowing real-time updates to be made by multiple users in different locations.

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Why you need a data replication solution

Data replication solutions are a critical business tool in today’s world. As well as providing an effective and reliable data backup that will minimise downtime in the event of an outage or disaster, data replication will ensure secure file storage so that you never lose sensitive data, a vital assurance post-GDPR.

In addition, replication solutions can provide an ideal environment for software development and testing.

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Progress replication solutions

Progress replication solutions enable companies to copy their Progress database to other locations. Data replication from Progress software to other databases can be complicated, but ProDBMirror offers a robust and reliable solution.

For enhanced performance our innovative new extension to ProDBMirror, OpenEdge Online Dump & Load, helps reorganise your system efficiently, to enable faster running and reduce downtime.

Progress database replication

ProDBMirror is a robust Progress database replication solution. Our in-house developed replication solution will help you copy data to other databases, enabling:

  • Database replication to a SQL server (Microsoft)
  • Database replication to other Progress OpenEdge databases
  • Database replication to Oracle databases
  • Database replication to other ODBC (SQL92)-compliant databases

Why use Pace IT database replication solutions?

Pace IT provides a competitive and cost-effective data replication solution for Progress users. Simple, speedy and reliable, ProDBMirror is easy to implement and can be fully customised to meet the needs of your setup. Here’s why you should choose data replication solutions from Pace IT:

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