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What are web development frameworks?

All new software require base web development frameworks to support and run the web applications, services and web APIs. Frameworks are built to provide functionalities such as setting up users, permissions requests, dashboards and reporting. These are common across frameworks, as they are required by most websites and applications.

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What we do?

At Pace IT our expert team have developed a robust and reliable web development framework packed with features. Using our pre-built framework means our clients are immediately saving the time and money they would otherwise be spending on developing a bespoke framework for their project. By reducing costs here, we ensure our time, and our clients’ budget, is spent on developing the actual software the framework will be supporting.

Our development framework has been built to provide speed, reliability and versatility, so we will always recommend it for our clients to get the best value for money. Where a preferred solution is needed however, our experienced team can also create bespoke frameworks for your project, and we’re happy to advise on what would provide the best result to give you the functionality required.

Pace IT’s web development framework features

While features vary between frameworks, ours includes:

Functionality UI/UX Control
oAuth Multi-lingual Users
2FA support Dashboards User groups
LDAP/AD support Mobile friendly Smart grids (build own views, export data etc)
Multi-tenancy support Permissions (allow access to programs based on user groups)
Document storage (and adapters to connect to standard storage systems) System parameters (ability for clients to change system settings themselves)
Reporting Screen layout editor
Auditing Theme engine (change colours, font, etc)
Ability to run locally on Windows, Linux and MacOS Scheduling management
CI support (supports automated releases) Email management
Modernisation path for existing OpenEdge and .NET systems
Support for common databases and other data sources (REST, SOAP)
Penetration tested
Unit tested
Full framework documentation (quick to train/easy to understand)
Fully documented APIs
Cross-browser support (IE11+)

The benefits of using our pre-built web development framework

  • A fast start to building your software - minimal setup time, without the need to develop common features
  • Uses LTS open-source components to provide futureproofing
  • Uses our expert knowledge to provide the best start for your project
  • Reduced costs when starting your project
  • Uses widely-used technology, making it an easy solution for clients with in-house developers
  • Rapid development
  • Clients have the ability to control the screen layout and configuration without development interaction
  • Unit testing framework included to ensure reliable releases and CI
  • Exposes APIs which can be used to develop mobile applications
  • Easy to layer on top of legacy software
  • Battle-tested in production with existing clients
  • The framework is core unit tested
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Case Studies

Our framework has been used successfully for a number of client websites and applications, including:

web development framework allsop

Allsop Virtual Agency

web development framework powerleague


web development framework topgolf

TopGolf Portal

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