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HyperBolts, is our innovative, in-house developed, scalable, secure and reusable custom web development framework.

All software, applications or development work starts with a framework build, but not all frameworks are created equal. While other developers may spend time, effort, and ultimately, your budget, on building a framework - they’ll be working on this before they even start on the real work - developing your actual software or business application!

We’ll apply HyperBolts Web Framework as the foundation of your bespoke software development. It has been robustly field tested across many client projects, and it draws on tried-and-tested code and functionality, so we can create innovative software and applications aligned with your specific business requirements.

James Leckenby, Development Manager - Bespoke Software, Pace IT Systems

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*How GDPR Will Affect Your Business

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force in 2018 and will change the way businesses collect, use and move personal data. You will need to know where your data is stored and may need to change the way its collected. Pace IT HyperBolts web framework ensures your IT investment is GDPR aligned.

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