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UI & UX design services underpin key systems design principles

  • UI (User Interface): This is how a system appears and how accessible it is to customers and users. It includes page design and layout, imagery, the use of colour and readability styles, navigation and user input friendliness.
  • UX (User Experience): This describes the process of using the application from a user’s point of view. It includes considerations such as how many steps are needed to interact with your system, how easy it is to extract data, whether the application crashes and how fast it runs. Together, UI and UX determine how functional a system is and what sort of impression it will leave on its users, whether they are customers or members of staff.
Improving UI and UX for happy customers and users

Improving your user experience is a key aspect of systems modernisation and is one of the main drivers behind increased sales. A system with great UI and UX should will easy to engage with, enabling users to quickly accomplish tasks and experience high levels of satisfaction. Applying well considered UI and UX reduces development costs by lowering the amount of redevelopment time needed to correct poor user experience. This will also have a positive impact on training, with intuitive UX requiring up to 50% less training than with a poorly designed system.

The value of good UI and UX

To understand the effects UI and UX pose on your IT systems, put yourself in the place of a customer or user and consider the following:

  • How does your system look and is it attractive, uncluttered and easy to understand?
  • How responsive is your UI to users access the system via mobile devices?
  • How easy is your system to navigate?
  • Is the system accessible via touchscreens?
  • Can users quickly find what they need, without having to navigate through many different menus  levels?

Does any of the above leave you to consider your IT system’s customer or user experience positioning is lacking? If so then your customers and users are going to feel the same way- and your business advancement may be reduced!

We can help transform your business, boosting efficiency and providing enhanced levels of user and customer experience. We’ll harness our extensive experience creating industry-leading UI/UX environments making the best use of your existing web and mobile assets, while improving accessibility. We’ll utilise several cutting-edge platforms to develop efficient and user-friendly interfaces, all designed around your unique needs.

after-sales-supportAsk us about how we’ll engage with you to build great levels of UI and UX based on a responsive layout, easy mobile controls and offline data accessibility for your business. Call us today on 01727 537627 or contact us here. We'll show you how.

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