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Ready for EU Data Regulation (EUGDPR)?

Were you aware that, on 25th May 2018, new EU data protection security regulations come into effect, consolidating privacy rights and data safeguarding laws found in EU Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC?

All businesses wishing to remain competitive by providing goods or services to EU citizens (including all UK citizens) will be affected by the directive, regardless of whether or not they export to other EU countries.

EUGDPR - The General Data Protection Regulation - sets out legal standards for data security and anti-proliferation measures that are designed to crack down on EU-wide security violations. Infringements of the regulation, which have become law in every EU member state, can result in fines of up to €20 million, or 4% of company turnover.

We are currently in a transitional period, prior to the regulation coming into full effect, so there's still time to prepare. EU GDPR is game changing legislation for many businesses, and should prompt an overview of many long-standing data security practices.

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