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Why Choose React Native For Developing Mobile Apps?

James Development ManagerWe asked James Leckenby, Development Manager, Bespoke Systems at Pace IT, for some of the reasons he includes React Native or ReactJS in his developer toolkit when planning fresh and innovative mobile apps for our clients.

Here's what James said...
An enthusiastic & growing community

This provides a platform for continuous development via JavaScript and Native developers willing to share knowledge and expertise and a fast developing catalogue library of freely available components.

Cross mobile platform code reuse

Using the same code for deployment on iOS and Android delivers huge savings in development cost and time. Theoretically, the development effort could be cut by half - more than enough to make for a worthwhile investment. Some calculations report 90% code reuse across iOS and Android.

Live Reload reduces development time

A unique feature enabling an immediate single view of the latest changes invoked next to a view of how they render on the mobile application - so you can see both the code and a mobile screen together.

Truly native

Unlike alternatives such as Ionic and Cordova, React Native builds a truly native application, rather than utilising HTML to build interfaces. This gives a huge performance and usability upgrade, making it practically impossible to distinguish between native and React Native applications.

Developer team friendly

React Native’s modular and intuitive design makes it easy for developer hand-over. Faster and easier update creation and web application upgrade time means significant cost and time savings for the client as less time is needed to understand existing program logic.

And, here's the #1 reason James says our clients' like React Native development: “We estimate React enables 90% code reuse across iOS and Android platforms, so development effort can be halved, and that makes it a worthwhile choice for maximising our client’s IT ROI”.

after-sales-support Read more about React Native / ReactJS here and then ask us how we can quickly develop fresh and innovative mobile apps modernising your IT to drive new revenue streams quickly via happy mobile-enabled customers.

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